Where to go?

Having somehow been extremely lucky to get over a month off between moving jobs, what else is better than going away for that time?

So thats exactly my plan, now this isn’t me going away ‘to find myself’ or a ‘gap yah’ kind of trip. This is more ‘i’ve got some free time so lets make the most of it and not just lounge around at home’ kind of trip.

After deciding that i am going away the next question was where to go? The states? South East Asia? South America? Africa? Australia? So many options. Having already spent time travelling around Oz, New Zealand and Fiji back in 2014 that was scrapped off the shortlist straight away. South America has always been a dream of mine but due to this trip coming on a bit of a short notice, planning a trip around South America effectively could prove to be difficult and i just dont think i could do it justice, it would be a very rushed trip.

In the end where did i end up booking? Europe! Now when i tell people im going away to Europe it hasnt been met with great enthusiasm. I understand the scepticism, why go to Europe when its right next door to London, why not go further afield? Well the rationale behind the whole Europe trip came about when i was hearing people talk about their holidays this year and the majority of these were weekends away in Europe. While talking about their experiences i realised i hadn’t visited the majority of the cities mentioned, Lisbon, Madrid and Rome to mention only a few. Usually when i go away i tend to go as far as possible whether it be Oz, Singapore or Nicaragua so it was about time i visit places a bit closer to home. So my trip will be a whistle stop trip around Europe to these cities.

My travels this time around will be slightly different to my usual trips. Normally my travels include staying in hostels, going out at night partying then waking up just to relax and fit in a couple of activities. Having turned 27 this week i feel i need a different experience so im staying away from the hostels (and sharing a room with 11 other travellers who smell a bit funky); going out at night partying (i would definitely be struggling the whole day after!) and rather focusing on some activities and cultural sites instead. This means splashing out a bit and staying in hotels or airbnbs (this has hit the wallet quite hard). The negative of this is that it will be a lot more difficult meeting new people, that was the great thing about hostels. You go to a new city a new hostel with a group of strangers and all of a sudden you find a group of new friends, where everyone is extremely nice! (Think of freshers week at uni in first year where you can talk to anyone and it was absolutely fine, a massive change to my everyday life now in London travelling to work on the tube where even eye contact is frowned upon).

In the end it has turned out to be 8 cities in a month:

  1. Lisbon
  2. Porto
  3. Madrid
  4. Barcelona
  5. Rome
  6. Florence
  7. Paris
  8. Amsterdam

If you have recommendations or advice for any of these places then please leave a comment! I will update on my experience as i go along!

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